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Interaction Design Projects

Objects and Materials

The purpose of this assignment was to choose a junkfood, explore many different concepts through weekly formstorming activities. The goal of each activity is not perfection but to break away from ideas that first come to mind. The junkfood selected for this project was Starbursts. It was explored through photography, p5.js, matter.js, WebGL, and Cinema4D. Within these programs, elements and principles of design, semitotics, patterns and others were used to guide the exploration. The final design used the images taken for the first formstorming activity, Cinema4D, photography guidelines, and the elements and principles of design.


Modeling Reflexivity

The purpose of this assignment was to investigate what a face means to you. This could be your identity, interests, habits, etc. How these ideas were displayed or shown was explored thorugh the weekly activities and iterations. Throughout the project my focus was mostly on my intersets as a way to represent my face or myself. This was explored using tests to create a data portrait, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, P5.JS, WebGL, Scaniverse, MeshMixer, and Cinema4D. Using these programs, I considered the concept of how I define myself visually using objects and symbols.

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